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Discover the canyoning during one day for sportmen, in the gorges du Llech, Gorges du Mas Calsan, Gorges de la Corva, Gorges de Nuria. The Eastern Pyrenees offer a multitude of opportunities to practice Canyoning in Vallespir, Conflent.
Enjoy your day with us to make two canyons half day in Vallespir with our formula Duo-Canyons …

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Discover Canyoning in the Catalan Gorges du Mas Calsan accompanied by a professional instructor canyon qualified of french state in Reynes in Vallespir in the Catalan Eastern Pyrenees.
A succession of cascades uninterrupted, slides, jumps and waterfalls in open channel with cascades and reception in pools of crystal clear waters are on the menu of the Mas Calsan Canyon. This canyon is perfect for beginners to experts, it ensures good riding sensation with its multitude of slides and “gas” by two large waterfalls sucessives 25 and 18 m. Mas Calsan canyon is composed of two parts, the ideal is to have a lunch break at the end of the first section, which allows you to truly enjoy this unspoilt wilderness.

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Discover Canyoning to the Llech in Conflent in the Eastern Pyrenees on the Canigou massif with a professional instructor canyon qualified of French state.

We organize the descent of the Llech canyon, located on the Canigou massif. It is one of the sportiest canyons of the Catalan Pyrenees because of its always important water flow, but also with an exceptional configuration of “12 slides”, unique in Europe.

The Llech is a jewel of the Catalan Pyrenees mountains, because of its reputation and quality, became the second French “spot” of canyoning practice.

Real natural Aquacity, the Llech is a sport canyon, one of the more playful and aquatic of the eastern Pyrenees.

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Canyoning sensation in the Llitera Canyon (Gorges de Taurinya) in the Canigou massif, in a beautiful site with a professionnal canyon monitor qualified of French State.
A mountain canyon with large waterfalls of 5 and 50 meters, long slides from 2 to 12 meters …
A succession of waterfalls with always high flow gives this canyon in sport level III. A canyon where the thrill is omnipresent.
This canyon is ideal for perfecting his roap technique, while enjoying the scenery that awaits you.

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  • All canyoning day trip are planned at 10:00 to canyons that do not require a long approach walk.
  • For Canyon Gorge Llitera Taurinya, the appointment is at 08:00 in the morning due to the walk 1h15.
  • Groups are formed of 10 people maximum. (if your group is composed and more than 10 people, a second monitor complements the team).
  • Equipment provided : neoprene wetsuit and socks, shoes, helmet, harness, snap hooks and descender + carrying aquatic bag (for the Taurinya and Mas Calsan canyons).
  • One-site appointment, we’ll send you all the informations by mail or sms.
  • A minibus shuttle to the top of the canyon, avoiding you a tiring rise at the end of the activity, is organized when it is possible.