Canyoning Gorges de Galamus - Pyrénées Orientales
canyoning gourg des anelles - Pyrénées Orientales
canyoning gorges du llech
canyoning dans les Pyrénées Orientales
Canyon Sant Aniol d'Aguja
Stage Canyoning Pyrénées Orientales



Inextremis Aventura organizes since 1988 canyoning as day trips, weekends and courses.

Specializing in the development of canyoning in the Estern Pyrenees and Spanish Catalonia, our team invites you to discover different canyon formulas, from beginners to more experienced with quality coaching by our qualified French state canyon monitor.

Our season canyoning in cold water runs from April to October.
Unique in Europe, you have the opportunity to practice canyoning in warm waters in winter to the Gorge of Thuès Entre Valls during half day.

Family Canyoning Trip

Discover canyoning and aquatic hike in the Pyrenees to the “Gorges du Terme” in Vallespir or “Gorges de Galamus” in Fenouillèdes, ideal for discover this family activity …

Canyoning Ceret Gourg des Anelles - Rappel Toboggan

Discovery and initiation canyoning Trip

Discover during a half day canyoning for novices, beginners but also for sportmen at the Gourg des Anelles or at the Cascades Baoussous in Ceret, the Gorges du Terme in Amélie les Bains and Gorges Salt Maria Valenta in Arles sur Tech.
4 canyons in Vallespir in the Eastern Pyrenees at a few kilometers from Argelès sur Mer, Perpignan, the Roussillon plain and all the Catalan coast..

canyoning llech

Sensation and sporting canyoning trip

Discover canyoning during a day for sportsmen, Gorges du Llech, Gorges du Mas Calsan, Gorges du Sant Aniol d’Aguja and Taurinya. The Eastern Pyrenees offer a multitude of opportunities to practice canyoning in Vallespir, Conflent, Ripollès and Alta Garrotxa in spanish Catalonia.

Canyoning trip Sant Aniol d'Aguja - Catalonia - Spain

Catalonia Canyoning Trip

For lovers of extreme sports, Inextremis Aventura invites you to have fun in the largest canyon of catalan country (Spain).
This offering is reserved only for people who have already done at least the Llech, due to the technical difficulty of these canyons…

Canyon Sant Aniol d'Aguja

Weekend Canyoning in Catalonia

Discover our canyoneering formulas during a weekend in the Eastern Pyrenees with two days of practice, two options to choose : 2 or 3 canyons.

Canyon Gorges de Nuria

Canyoning courses in Catalonia

Discover our sporting or extrem courses formulas in the Catalan Pyrenees. Through our various courses you can choice, you’ll learn to discover the activity or to perfect you in the largest French and Spanish canyons …

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