Sant Aniol d'Aguja Canyon - Catalonia - Spain
Sant Aniol d'Aguja Canyon - Catalonia - Spain
Sant Aniol d'Aguja Canyon
Catalonia - Spain

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Sant Aniol d’Aguja Canyoning Trip – Catalonia – Spain

Discover the Canyoning for one day in the Catalan Gorges of Sant Aniol d´Aguja in Alta Garrotxa (Spanish Catalonia) with a professional canyon guide instructor with a French state diploma.

The most aesthetic canyon in Catalan country …

Sant Aniol d’Aguja is certainly one of the most beautiful canyons in the French and Spanish Pyrenees.
It has 7 jumps varying between 4 and 9 meters, two huge waterfalls of 30 and 45 meters, and many other obstacles to overcome.
Inextremis Aventura offers you a passport for the sporting feat without any danger.

This canyoning hotspot located in Alta-Garrotxa allows you to discover sumptuous landscapes hollowed out at the foot of limestone cliffs 150 meters in lush Mediterranean greenery. Dizziness and aquatic sensations guaranteed for all! There is no lack of thrills between the steep walls of the canyons of the two Catalonias. This descent of gorges where water is omnipresent rhymes with pleasure and discovery.

On the program: 1h30 of approach walk to go up to the entrance of the canyon. 4h30 descent, 2h00 walk at the exit to the vehicle along the river, a total of 3h30 walk.
Canyoning is one of the extreme sports, the rule of the game is simple: browse, usually from upstream to downstream, sites called canyons, clues, waterfalls, parades, rious, gorges, barrancos, goles, alternating walking, swimming, climbing, abseiling, jumps and toboggan slides.

Equipment provided for your descent

  • Reinforced canyon suit
  • Harness with double lanyards and descender
  • Helmet
  • Shoes (from 36 to 47)
  • Individual bag
  • Waterproof container

Personal belongings to plan

  • Swimsuit
  • Socks compulsory
  • 1 pair of sports shoes if size & lt; 36 or & gt; 47
  • Hair elastic for girls
  • Bottle of water
  • Picnic

The + of Inextremis Aventura

Supervision by a French qualified canyon instructor with more than 30 years of professional experience being one of the pioneers of canyoning in the Catalan Pyrenees.
A minibus shuttle is organized to the canyon.
Provision of a waterproof camera free of charge for the entire group (subject to availability) – Free retrieval of photos for download.

Topo Canyon de Sant Aniol d’Aguja

Total duration of the activity 8h00
Descent into the canyon between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. depending on the group

1h30 of approach walk
6 m abseil
3 m abseil
5 m jump
3 m jump
4 m jump
Jump 2 M
5 m slide
8 m jump
45 m abseil
River course 100m
7 m jump
15 m abseil
3 m jump
30 m abseil
5 m abseil
River course 200 m
7 or 12 m jump
2 hours of walking from the exit to the vehicle
all the obstacles can be avoided or overcome by abseiling.

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Prices for the outing

  • Adult rate from 1 to 4 people: 90 € / pers
  • Adult rate from 5 to 7 people : 80 € / pers
  • Adult rate from 8 to 10 people : 70 € / pers

Decreasing prices from 100 to 90 € 8 hours

Pay a 20% deposit per item
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