Canyoning Gorges de Galamus - Pyrénées Orientales
Canyoning Gorges de Galamus - Pyrénées Orientales
Canyoning Gorges de Galamus - Pyrénées Orientales


Family Canyoning Gorges de Galamus

Discover the family canyoning in the Gorges de Galamus in Saint Paul de Fenouillet accompanied by a state qualified professional canyoning monitor.

In the foothills of the Corbières, located in the departments of Aude and Eastern Pyrenees, Galamus deep gorges cut into the Fenouillèdes limestone barrier and offers a beautiful playful path:
a series of basins, small slides, easy and avoidable jumps. The gorge gradually tighten, leaving us evolve between 2 walls over 100m on each side. This is really the canyon to enjoy and discover the activity without apprehension. No abseiling, jumps up to 6 m (not obligatories).
Since the exit of the canyon , it takes a little path going to the Chapel of the Hermitage which is perched at 376 meters in the gorge, clinging to the rock. Amazing!
The Chapel of the Hermitage was done in a natural cave in the cliff wall.

The enter of this canyon is on Cubieres sur Cinoble village, at the level of the parking de l’Oule. The exit is on the Belvedere parking of Saint- Paul -de- Fenouillet village.

The canyoning in the Gorges de Galamus is an aquatic family hiking. This canyon is very easy level access, equipped with a neoprene wetsuit and a helmet, discover this sport in the natural and grandiose site of Cathare country.

Canyon topgraphy

Gorges de Galamus
Slide 10 m
Jump 3 m
Jump  2 m
Jump  2,50 m
Jump 6 m
Jump 5 m
Jump de 3 m
many crossings basins swimming
all obstacles are avoidable

Canyoning regulation in the Pyrenees Orientales

Canyoning activity is regulated in the Pyrenees by prefectorial order.
The opening period for the canyon of Galamus starts on Friday the second weekend of April to Sunday the 3rd weekend of October included.
Depending to the weather, the canyon monitor reserves the right to postpone or cancel the canyon trip for safety.

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Gorges de Galamus Canyoning Booking

From April to October on request For groups of more than 5 people minimum, one trip on the canyon can be organized on request..

Canyon prices

Individual: 40 € / pers
Group of 5 or more people: 38 € / pers
Group consisting of 10 people and more: 35 € / pers
Family price (2 adults + 2 children 16 years old maximum) : 30 € / pers

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The + of Inextremis Aventura

Leadership by a French state certified canyon instructor with over 30 years of professional experience being one of the pioneers of the canyoning in the Eastern Pyrenees.
Provided equipment :  neopren wetsuit, helmet, harness, shoes from 36 to 47 FR.
Free Getting photos on google drive.

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