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Discover canyoning as an aquatic hiking during a half day in Eastern Pyrenees for families, beginners, novices but also for sport persons to the Gorges du Terme in Vallespir or Gorges Galamus in Fenouilledes, with a canyon monitor qualified of French state. 
2 exceptional practice sites in Eastern Pyrenees: The Gorges du Terme in Amélie les Bains and Gorges Galamus in Saint Paul de Fenouillet ..

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Discover family canyoning in the Gorges de Galamus in Saint Paul de Fenouillet with a professional canyon instructor qualified of French state.
In the foothills of the Corbières, located in the departments of Aude and Eastern Pyrenees, the Gorges de Galamus cut into the Fenouillèdes limestone barrier, offer a beautiful playful path:
a series of pools, small slides, easy jumps and never obligatories. The gorge gradually tighten, leaving us evolve between 2 walls over 100m on each side. This is really the canyon to enjoy and discover the activity without apprehension. No abseiling , jumps up to 7 m (not obligatories) .
The Agly river throught of the Hautes- Corbières, incised vertically Galamus limestone over 500 meters deep to make their way to the Mediterranean sea.

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Discover canyoning family as an aquatic-hike in the Gorges du Terme and Mondony in Amélie les Bains with a canyon monitor qualified of french state.

Aquatic hiking is the way to discover family canyoning activity. This activity has no major difficulty, otherwise  evolve river and practice jumps which are avoidable.

The descent is enhanced by the discovery of geology and fauna of mountain streams.

Here also the erosion of the river Terme Mondony made a masterpiece shaping huge chunks of granite and schist of the valley Mediterranean-style.

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  • All our half-day aquatic-hiking trips are programmed on the morning at 9:00 am or on afternoon at 14:00.
  • Materiel provided (neoprene wetsuit, helmet, shoes from 36 to 47 FR).
  • The access to the canyon from the place of appointment at Amélie les Bains is made with your own car.
  • A minibus shuttle to the top of the canyon, avoiding you an often rise very physical at the end of the activity, is organized when it is possible.