Canyoning Weekend with a state qualified professional monitor

Canyoning Weekend in the pyrenees

Discover our canyoning weekends formulas during 2 days in Pyrenees with 2 days of practice, 2 options to choose : 2 or 3 canyons

Canyoning Weekend in the Eastern Pyrenees

Canyoning weekend in Eastern Pyrenees, program with 3 canyons (Gorges du llech, Gorges du Terme, Gourg des Anelles).

For thrills lovers, Inextremis Aventura invites you to discover during the weekend of your choice, the turbulent waters canyons and CatalanBarrancs”.

The French Catalan Pyrenees are full of rivers, which over the centuries have dug narrow grooves in the granite massifs of Conflent and Vallespir orthogneiss, forming beautiful adventure course, with waterfalls, slides, jumps, going directly into the bubbling water basins.

Canyoning Weekend in the Catalonia (Spain)

Discover canyoning in French and Spanish Catalonias during 2 days in the Gorges Llech in France and Sant Aniol d’Aguja in Spain. What better way to discover canyoning by practicing on 2 full days in the greatest canyons of Catalan land (The Llech and Sant Aniol d’Aguja).

To introduce you to the functioning of ropes,  water tumults and techniques of gliding on slides …
The Gorges Llech are a jewel of the Pyrenean mountains. A natural Aquacity, it is one of the more playful canyons and aquatic in the Catalonian Pyrenees.

Its always large flow gives this sport canyon level III

Weekend organisation

All our canyoning weekends are organized on 2 days.
Groups are composed of 10 persons maximum. (if your group is of or exceed 10 persons, a second monitor’ll complet the leadership).
Provided material (neorpene wetsuit, helmet, harness, snap hooks, descender and aquatic bag with tight can).
Possibility of rent shoes (+ 3 €).

Canyoning weekend in the pyrenees
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