canyoning gourg des anelles - Pyrénées Orientales
canyoning gourg des anelles - Pyrénées Orientales



Discover canyoning in the Eastern Pyrenees during a half day for beginners, novices but also for the sportmen in the Gourg des Anelles or Cascades Baoussous in Ceret, in the Gorges du Terme in Amélie les Bains and Gorges Salt Maria Valenta in Arles sur Tech. In Vallespir, there are 4 canyons at a few kilometers from Argelès sur Mer, Perpignan, the Roussillon plain and all the Catalan coast.

Gourg des Anelles Canyoning in Céret

Discover the Canyoning to Gourg Anelles of Ceret in Vallespir in the Pyrenees in the company of a professional monitor canyon qualified of French state.
Canyoning in bubbling streams and slides of glossy Anelles located in Alberes near Ceret, in the eastern Pyrenees, not far from Argelès sur Mer and seaside resorts.
Jump into the void, into basins receive water …
The canyon des Anelles is a initiation canyon, that includes jumps between 4 and 7 meters, two waterfalls and slides 26 and 16 meters, and many other obstacles to overcome. Inextremis Aventura again offers you a passport for sporting achievement without any danger.
An adventure for everyone …

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Cascades de Baoussous Canyoning in Céret

Discover the Baoussous canyon at Ceret in the Pyrenees with a professional monitor canyon qualified of French state.
What better way to experience the canyon by cutting a half day in the Gorges Cascade Baoussous of Ceret in the Pyrenees Orientales.
This canyon, due to its environment, is exceptional for its multitude of little waterfalls and slides, available to you during its descent.
It allows you to be initiate of rope manipulation in its tranquil waters.
This canyon without large flow, is favored during the spring and early summer when the water level guarantee a level of quality practice.

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Hot Water Canyoning in Thues Entre Valls

Practice canyoning in winter in Canyon hot water Thuès Entre Valls with a professional canyon instructor qualified of french state in the Eastern Pyrenees.

All weekend we invite you to discover a small original canyon in sulphurous waters in Europe.

Canyon surprising geological features, progress in a river with sunken arrivals sulphurous waters up to 60 ° c.
Some waterfalls are more than 30 meters.

Indeed this canyon enjoying thermal water resurgences, whitch retains a minimum temperature of 26 ° C.
Imagine yourself in the middle of winter in the middle of these waterfalls with pristine banks of snow.

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Salt de Maria Valenta Canyoning in Arles sur Tech

Discover the canyoning to Maria Valenta in Arles sur Tech in the Pyrenees with a canyon professional instructor qualified of french state.
Program: 7 vertiginous waterfalls with rope carved glossy gneiss of Vallespir. This canyon offers during all the season a good flow of water providing waterfalls watered.
More and more, we progress in narrow gorges to finish on a cascade of 22 meters witch flows in a beautiful basin.
This canyon is ideal for perfecting his abseiling technique, while enjoying the scenery that awaits you.
This trip is also available on the Duo-canyons, weekends and canyoning courses offered by Inextremis Aventura

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Terme Superior Salt del Pi Canyoning in Amelie les Bains

Discover the Gorges du Terme superior, the “Salt del Pi” canyon in Amélie les Bains, in the Vallespir accompanied by a professional canyon instructor french state patented .
Discovery of the canyons in the gorges of Catalan Vallespir, always bubbling streams and slides glossy “barrancos catalans”. Jump into the void, receive in Water pools…
The Terme is a confluence of Mondony, located in the town of Amelie les Bains, it offers two waterfalls sprinkled with a 20-meter slide, 1 of 6 meters and many obstacles to overcome during the descent.
It is the perfect complement to a day canyoning with the Gourg Anelles at Ceret (Duo canyoning).

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  • All our half day canyoning trips are programmed on the morning from 9:00 am or on afternoon at 14:00.
  • Equipment provided : neoprene wetsuit, helmet, harness, lanyards, snap hook and descender).
  • Equipment required : swimming suit, socks, elastic hair
  • On-site appointment, on a parking in the town of the canyon (information given when making your reservation).
  • A minibus shuttle is organised from the canyon bottom to the top, avoiding you the tiring ascent very physical at the end of the activity (when it’s possible).
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