Discover Canyoning in the Gorges du Mas Calsan with a qualified professional canyon monitor at Reynes in Vallespir in the catalan Pyrenees, at just 40 minutes drive from Perpignan and the beaches of Argelès sur Mer, Collioure

A succession of uninterrupted cascades, slides, jumps and waterfalls with roap with reception in crystalline waters basins are at Mas Calsan canyon program. This canyon is perfect for beginners and experts, it guarantees good thrills with its multitude of slides and “gas” by two large abseilings. Mas Calsan canyon is composed of two parts, the first with slides and jumps from 2 to 6 meters, no rest between each obstacle!

It ends with two successive cascades, one abseiling of 20 meters dug in granite, than gorges open to give birth to a second cascade of 15 meters. We have a picnic break at the foot of the imposing waterfall, on the rocks of granite in the sun. The second part begins with an abseiling of 12 meters where we are left hanging in the air. The sun’s rays pierce through walls and deep color illuminating the emerald water basins. Then the descent alternates slides to finish on a very slippery waterfall where you will have fun watching others go down…

Booking online

For groups of at least 5 people minimum, a trip on this canyon can be organized on request.

Descent (half-day)
Individual : 45 € /pers
Group of 5 or more people : 43 €/pers
Group consisting of 10 pers and more : 40 €/pers
Full Descent
Individual : 55 € /pers
Group of 5 or more people :50 €/pers
Group consisting of 10 pers and more : 45 €/pers


  • 15 minutes walk
  • 1 jump of 2 m
  • 1 slide of 1 m
  • 1 slide of 3 m
  • 1 slide of 5 m
  • 1 slide of 4 m
  • 1 slide of 2 m
  • 1 jump of 6 m
  • 1 waterfall of 10 m
  • 1 jump of 2 m
  • 1 waterfall of 24 m
  • waterfall of 18 m
  • Slide of 3 m or jump of 3 m
  • 1 Silde of 3 m
  • Slide of 5 m with jump of 8 m
  • 1 slide of 5 m
  • 1 waterfall of 13 m
  • 1 slide of 6 m
  • 1 slide of 7 m
  • 1 jump of 3 m
  • 30 minutes walk to the car
  • Descent between 3h30 and 4h00 according to the groups


A minibus shuttle is organized from the car park at the bottom of the canyon to the top, avoiding you the tiring walk back up to the top at the end of activity.